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I am a photographer with a particular interest in the horse cultures of Iceland and Spain – two countries where horses are still part of the nation’s soul. I hold an Icelandic horse trainer’s degree as well as a media designer’s degree and have worked in both professions. In the last years, I have been following my vocation as an artist, with work featured in various media and at international awards. Among others:

  • Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards 2019 for Heroes (project page here)
  • Nominee at the Fine Art Photography Awards 2020 for Heroes, Spirit of Andalusia and YY – Let’s Twist Again
  • Several features in Cavallo, one of Germany’s leading equestrian publications
  • Charitable contributions in the fields of education and animal welfare

Here’s a selection of my most meaningful images.

For further info, feel free to get in touch by mail at or by phone: +49 173 3587589.


This Is My Home, Iceland 2016

Velkomin, Iceland 2016


Morning Bliss, Iceland 2016


The Arrival, Iceland 2016


YY – Let’s Twist Again, Iceland 2016

Sumarnótt, Iceland 2017

Höfðingjar, Iceland 2018


Los Segadores, Spain 2019

En Su Mundo, Spain 2018

Los Hijos, Spain 2018

Thanks again for your time and attention.

Contact me at: +49 173 3587589 or